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Instructions for how to support me are below

Click this button to

support me financially

*This will open a new tab


Step 1

Select amount or type in an amount you wish to give in monthly support.

Step 2

Check the box and type in your email address.

Step 3

Click "Set up New Recurring Schedule" so that you can support me monthly.

Step 4

Check "Faith Promise" showing that you intend to give monthly.


Step 5

Click "Proceed to Checkout."

Step 6

Click "Checkout Now" under Checkout as Guest.


Step 7

Select Payment Method.

Step 8

Check box so that you can set up an account in the near future so you can easier manage changes to giving in the future if needed. They will email you.

Step 9

Fill out payment information.

Step 10

Click "Submit Contribution." Please allow for 30 seconds for your transaction to process after clicking before leaving the page.



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