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Mountain State CMIT

We offer an authentic place of growth and excellence to prepare individuals, couples, and families for university ministry. The Mountain State CMIT program is specifically designed to develop a person’s character, intellect, and university ministry skills.



“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” (Luke 10:2) Our primary desire is to grow teams of workers for campus missions in Jesus’ harvest field in the Northeast.


The CMIT Program is a 10 month internship to train individuals for full-time campus ministry to the secular university.



The CMIT program runs from early August to end of May.


Fairmont State University is a commuter campus of about 4,000 in a small town in beautiful north-central West Virginia.  We also host a satellite internship at West Virginia University Chi Alpha ( twenty minutes away from FSU in Morgantown, WV.


The Mountain State CMIT program is distinctive in its birth out of and close connection to the local church, with our director serving on staff at the church.  Small group discipleship, relational evangelism, and a missions trip experience form the core of the intern’s hands-on experience.  Theological studies, preaching labs, and practical/pastoral ministry training provide the “why” for “what” our interns, staff, and students do.  Additionally, each intern is mentored by an experienced staff person throughout the early-August to late-May internship. 


For more information about the FSU CMIT program contact:

Sarah Halbert, CMIT ​Director

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