How will XA operate now?

This national emergency has changed how Chi Alpha must function over the next few months but it has not changed our mission in the slightest.  We are still committed to making disciples for the glory of God at Fairmont State, in the northeast, and around the world.  Below you will find the most up to date information on how we intend to invest in students for the foreseeable future.  

1.  We will begin hosting a "live" service every Thursday evening at 7:30pm at starting March 26.  You will be able to watch a sermon by someone on staff and chat with others in the ministry who are tuning in.  It is not nearly as fun as being together but we hope it is valuable to you in your walk with Jesus.  If you are unable to tune in "live" with us you will be able to find the video on our website once the service ends.

2.  We will also be starting a ministry wide Bible reading plan starting this Sunday.  It is our goal to read through the Gospels and the book of Acts by graduation.  We will continue into the summer and have the entire New Testament read by the fall semester.  Dive into God's Word with us as we endeavor to give our time to Jesus.  This Bible reading plan can be found here and also on our resources page.

3.  Follow us here and on our social media for future updates.  We will try to upload content to our Instagram that will educate, inspire, and encourage you in your faith.

Coronavirus update-March 11

As you know, for a few weeks the world has been concerned about the spreading Coronavirus.   At the same time, we have taken teams of students to 5 areas in the US and to 1 in northern Africa.  I am confident that you, like any loving parent, are concerned about the safety of your children as they travel on these short term trips.


We take the responsibility of caring for our students, your sons and daughters, very seriously.  We are not taking any unnecessary risks in our travels and make every effort to choose wisdom as we serve.  No locations we are serving on our domestic trips have more than 10 confirmed cases of the virus in the entire state.  Our team in northern Africa is working with a local team who is monitoring closely the situation on the ground and will advise us on any necessary changes to our schedule.  I have already received 2 positive updates on that team and will keep in touch in case anything changes.


We are watching closely as the situation develops and are open to adapting our plans to fit the changing circumstances.  We are committed to the people we have chosen to serve this week and believe our mission is worth fighting for.  We currently plan to finish each of our trips as originally scheduled but will keep you posted if local situations necessitate a move.


Pray with us that our students and staff would remain healthy and focused on our goal of reaching the lost for Christ in these crazy times.  Pray that we would have divine opportunities to share the peace of Christ with an unsettled world. 

Feel free to reach out to your child's trip leader by filling out the form on the bottom of the page.  If you include your phone number, child's name, and which trip they are on we will contact you shortly.

In Christ, 


Charlie Rosser

Campus Pastor @ FSU Chi Alpha

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